Activy - True Love

True Love, 3D Activy and 3D Vintage II by NZI, helmets with Heart

True Love 3D Activy and 3D Vintage II helmets by NZI are presented with a very romantic design… all heart, are the best exclusive gift for a Saint Valentine´s day.

Limited and numbered edition, only 100 units. You’ll find where you can buy them here and on our facebook:

Activy - True Love

The Activy True Love, is a full face helmet, simple but very versatile. In its technical specifications stand out the  thermoplastic resin outer shell. multi-density protective filling. Micrometric quick closing. 3-D anti-scratch screen. Standard equipment: Front and rear ventilation extraction. Available in sizes: XS, S, M (small shell) and L, XL (Large Shell). Protective bag luxury. ECE / UN R22.05. Available in sizes from XXS to XL. Price: 109.-euros (VAT included).

3D Vintage II True Love, the most desirable helmet… by its small size, its weight, lightness and its correct finishes. A jet that fits under the seat of almost all scooters on the market: Integra, Scoopy, Sixteen, Liberty, Cruiser, X-City and two units of Vespa GTS. With 7 types of screens available. In its technical specifications stand out the outer shell, manufactured thermoplastic resin, multi-density protective filling, micrometric quick closing, 3-D anti-scratch screen. ECE/UN R22.05. Available in sizes from XXS to XL. Price: 94,00.-euros (VAT included).

Vintage San Valentin

Both offer the greatest protection and security, as all NZI  helmets.

Manufactured in Spain.