New helmets collection FLASH GORDON by NZI

A new collection of helmets, FLASH GORDON by nzi, which will surely attract the attention of lovers of science fiction comic.


Flash Gordon is a science fiction comic created by cartoonist Alex Raymond on January 7, 1934 for King Features Syndicate as pmain page (sunday strip). It was adapted to television and film, and was possibly the most well known icon of science fiction since the appearance of Star Wars. It belongs to the genre known as space opera, is an action series with a starting point rather delirious: Flash Gordon, a famous football player of the New York Jets, and Dale Arden, future bride of the hero, parachuting when a meteor reaches their plane’s wing. They fall near the laboratory where the scientist Hans Zarkov Ahead is trying to divert the path of a major meteor that will hit Earth. The plan is to launch a rocket against the meteorite, which forces to Dale Arden and Flash Gordon to get it. As a result, without any explanation of the writer, they arrive to the planet Mongo. Raymond’s work on Flash Gordon is, from a visual point of view, one of the classics of American comics.


This new collection features several graphic scenes of the famous comic, applied to helmets Vintage II model such as: Chorda, Jumping and Shoting, Flash & Dale and Inlove and whole Flashfluo and Must Lines. The Vintage II price is 119,00 – € and Must price is 164,00 – €

Helmets that offer protection and security, as all NZI brand. Made in Spain.