mini candy

Candy Crush Graphics by NZI

With a young, fun and refreshing style, here are the new Candy Crush decals by NZI. Perfect to be seen around in the now arriving warm weather. The decals are printed over the Zeta and Rolling models, comfortable, light, open helmets with perfect fitting and quality finish. With the perfect proportions to be your ideal companion! 3 different decals available:

With 3 different decorations:

Gameboard (ROLLING): Nugema® thermoplastic, integrated sunvisor. Sizes XS-XXL. Weight 1.150+-50gr. Price: 184.- €.

Sugarbaby / X-plosion (ZETA): simple and elegant, compacg and light. 3 visor options, with 7 dimensions and tonos to adapt this model to. sizes XXS-XL 950+-50gr. Price: 144.- €

Candy Crush