FUTUROTalking about active safety, there are interesting developments going on. In cars you can find more and more technical assistance systems to help the driver with the safety. Think of the warning you can get in cars (and trucks) when you cross a solid line, the information communicated to the driver by Head-Up-Displays in the windshield, the warnings for blind spots and the front radars to prevent colisions. NZI Helmets already presented the first helmet with totally innovative functionalities made for the SAFERIDER project. In this project, together with 22 companies preoccupied with the safety on two wheels in the future, the ADAS (Advanced Driving Aid Systems) and OBIS (On Board Information Systems) technologies were adapted from car use to motorcycle use. At the presentation of the project at the testing facilities of MIRA (UK) all the involved companies assisted and several demonstrations were held of the functionalities of all the systems developed and already integrated. In these systems, the helmet is a fundamental piece to transmit the information from the bike to the rider, thereby transferring the helmet into a HMI (Humand Machine Interface). The helmet is converted into a fundamental element of the active safety of the motorcycle/rider combination.