Vital Dream Big Do

Dream Big by NZI, a “spark” of art in your helmet.

Let the imagination fly until it becomes reality … so here is the Dream Big, new decorations of NZI shaped on open helmets such as, Rolling II (Beattle, Dream and Vanity), Tonup (Super) and Zeta (No Copy) and on the integral helmet Vital (Big Do and Big Jungle).

Dream Big is a brand of lifestyle, which was created by the artist Juan de Lascurain in 2004. Follow your dreams until they are fulfilled is the message and the idea of this brand.

Rolling II: Nugema® thermoplastic helmet that stands out for its simplicity of lines. With integrated sun visor. Price: 189,99.-euros (VAT included). Tonup is an approved and lightweight helmet, for those who make motorcycling a lifestyle, made of Nugema® thermoplastic, with strap to hold the glasses. Price: 159,99.-euros (VAT included). Zeta is a small, lightweight semi-jet that can be put under the seat of almost all scooters, with an outer shell made of Nugema® thermoplastic resin. Price: 149,99.-euros (VAT included). Available in sizes from XXS to XL. Vital is a sport integral helmet, with external thermoplastic resin shell. Price: € 199.99 (VAT included).

For those who don’t want their dreams to stay on the pillow, they will find the perfect helmets to tour the city in Dream Big decorations, with all security and style provided.