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Calvo team, ready for an historic season

The race of this weekend in Jerez has been the starting of a season that promises to be exciting. In 2014 the Cto. Campeonato de España has become the FIM CEV, an international competition that has taken a significant step forward in sports terms. But Calvo Team, with 19 CEV titles, starts this historic season in order to keep adding trophies, knowing that riders are able to fight for victory.

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Remy Gardner, after falling in training, finished 12th and 11th.


“After yesterday’s fall I didn’t know if I would be able to run, but this morning in the warm-up and I’ve felt that I wasn’t wrong. In the first race I didn’t get a good start, because after the fall I hadn’t much confidence but gradually I earn positions and had a nice race. In the second race I had to fight with several riders, but my hand wasn’t so good. I wish to finished better, especially for the team. ”

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logo TGR

TGR and NZI Helmets announces new partnership

Team Gardner Racing [TGR] have teamed up with innovative European brand NZI Helmets for 2014, and into the future.

The Spanish based company distributes to over 30 countries worldwide (more recently includes Australia), and has previously sponsored World Champions including Jorge Lorenzo, Alex Crivillé, Jorge Martinez and Alvaro Bautista.


“We’re delighted to be working with NZI Helmets,” said Wayne Gardner, father of TGR’s pilots Remy and Luca.  “The company’s commitment to safety was obviously the most important issue for us, however their innovative designs and environmental dedication played a big role in our decision to work with NZI.  We’re all looking forward to developing a strong long-term relationship with this exciting company,” he added.

Juan José Bernat, Managing Director of this technologically advanced Helmet brand is thrilled to be working with TGR. “We have confidence in the team that is Remy, Luca and Wayne, and it is a honour for us to make them helmets to race fast, safe and comfortable, so all they need to do is concentrate on their racing. It is going to be powerful for us to learn from their racing experiences and pass this data and improvements to the street and road riders. We are excited to see the designs they will show this season and look forward to sharing the success we believe will come to these young Australians in their careers.”

Remy&Luca Gardner_NZI pic_2014[1]

Remy and Luca are currently working on their first NZI Helmet designs, and will showcase them at the first races of the season in April.  “I’m really happy we’ll be able to change our design at different times of the season,” said an excited Remy Gardner.  His brother Luca Gardner added, “the helmets are so comfortable, and I can’t wait to start using them when we go testing at the end of the month.”

NZI is a company committed to research and development, with continuous improvements to their technology.  TGR is looking forward to contributing to this development and to building a mutually beneficial partnership.

For more information about NZI’s newest partner visit the TGR website:

Activy - True Love

True Love, 3D Activy and 3D Vintage II by NZI, helmets with Heart

True Love 3D Activy and 3D Vintage II helmets by NZI are presented with a very romantic design… all heart, are the best exclusive gift for a Saint Valentine´s day.

Limited and numbered edition, only 100 units. You’ll find where you can buy them here and on our facebook:

Activy - True Love

The Activy True Love, is a full face helmet, simple but very versatile. In its technical specifications stand out the  thermoplastic resin outer shell. multi-density protective filling. Micrometric quick closing. 3-D anti-scratch screen. Standard equipment: Front and rear ventilation extraction. Available in sizes: XS, S, M (small shell) and L, XL (Large Shell). Protective bag luxury. ECE / UN R22.05. Available in sizes from XXS to XL. Price: 109.-euros (VAT included).

3D Vintage II True Love, the most desirable helmet… by its small size, its weight, lightness and its correct finishes. A jet that fits under the seat of almost all scooters on the market: Integra, Scoopy, Sixteen, Liberty, Cruiser, X-City and two units of Vespa GTS. With 7 types of screens available. In its technical specifications stand out the outer shell, manufactured thermoplastic resin, multi-density protective filling, micrometric quick closing, 3-D anti-scratch screen. ECE/UN R22.05. Available in sizes from XXS to XL. Price: 94,00.-euros (VAT included).

Vintage San Valentin

Both offer the greatest protection and security, as all NZI  helmets.

Manufactured in Spain.


New decorations for NZI SPYDER IV helmet

Two new contemporary cdecorations for NZI SPYDER IV, a integral helmet made ​​of composite fiber and carbon fiber, variant of RCV, which is ideal for sport driving lovers.

One of them combines the colours that fit with everything, like as red, white and black. The other is more bold, mixing fluorescent yellow with black with nuanced surface. Indeed, the NZI nuanced system is dirt resistant.

spyder BNR

Technical specifications: Outer shell of composite fibers and high-tech carbon fiber. Multi-density impacts protective filling. Double rings closing. Screen thermoformed, certified ‘mist retardant’. (anti antimoist properties certificate ECE/ONU R22.05) Front and top ‘One-Push’ ventilation. Rear air extractors. Outlast® interior removable and washable. Pads GP-1 removable and washable. Nose protector. Safe locking of screen. Ready for Pinlock ®. Luxury protective bag. Homologated ECE/UN R22.05. Sizes from XS to XL. As an accessory, the BT communications system can be installed and as replacement, can be adapted you flat screen for competition with removable anchor system (tear off).

spyder GNAF

Spyder IV is also available in white colour, black and matte black.

The price of decorated is 399 . On demand can be manufactured with Sunvisor: 429 €. With BT costs 449 € and with Intercom 569 €.

The price of one color is 359 €. On demand can be manufactured with Sunvisor: 389 €. With BT costs 409 € and with Intercom 529 €.


New 2014 decorations for NZI CURSUS II helmet

NZI new decorations for Cursus II Sunvisor helmet. Wild wolf, revision of Mod symbol; Yellow Fluor and Coordinates are the new designs for new decorations.

Cursus II Sunvisor provides maximum performance through the new ventilation system with multiple entries “Push One”, with integrated sun visor and maximum comfort and a reasonable price.

Technical specifications: outer shell, manufactured thermoplastic resin, multi-density protective filling, adjustable quick closing, even with gloves. Font, top and sides ventilation. Internal sun visor. Removable and washable interior. 3-D certified screen. Available in sizes from XS to XXL. Price: 94,00.-euros (VAT included).

Manufactured in Spain.

modelos 1


New helmets ROUTE 66® Collection by NZI®

66 Motels, Motor Running 66, Santa Fe 66 and 66 Pinups are the 4 new helmet decorations helmets Route 66® collection by NZI .


Decorated with photographs and illustrations of the style guide of the legendary trademark owned Tempting Brands AG.

casco ROUTE 66 - 4

Nuevas decoraciones sobre el Vintage II, un modelo que destaca por su pequeño tamaño, su peso, ligereza y sus correctos acabados. Un mini-jet con hasta 7 tipos de pantalla disponibles. Destaca por su carcasa externa, fabricada en resina termoplástica, el relleno protector multi-densidad, cierre rápido micrométrico, pantalla 3-D anti-rayas. Homologado ECE/ONU R22.05. Disponible en tallas de la XXS a la XL. Precio: 119,00.-euros (IVA incluido).

casco ROUTE 66 - 1

ROUTE 66 was the first highway to cross America, at a time when traveling from one coast to another was highly difficult, and when other highways of its time, such as Lincoln or Dixie, were linear and much shorter.

The so-called “Mother Road of America”  in the 1930s it started its rise as an icon in that troubled era. ROUTE 66 opened the West for adventurers and entrepreneurs to accomplish their own “American Dream”.

It was the rising time of the iconic gas stations, motels, restaurants and drive inns, these road milestones that will later gather real communities around them, along with the prosperity drawn from the immense amount of traffic from Route 66. It was this type of business that enlivened the highway, and rendered a unique charm that was gone when the Interstate system was initiated.

The motorists that once drove on uncharted terrain, with nothing but a compass and developed orientation sense as their main tools, could now immerse into pleasures of a modern highway. They could be sheltered by lazy motels with large neon signs that were showing the way. They could stop at a drive in cinema, buy souvenirs, refill and have their bikes fixed by professionals. In a way ROUTE 66 was no longer the road to a certain destination. It was the destination.

The famous and nostalgic Route 66 is the road created in heaven for sightseeing in a Custom bike.

casco ROUTE 66 - 2

Perfecto para usarlo cuando salgas de ruta con tu Custom. Un casco que ofrece la mayor libertad y protección, como todos los cascos de NZI. Fabricados en España.

casco ROUTE 66 - 3

casco mandela 1

“Captain of my soul”, new 3D VINTAGE II of 3D HELMETS® by NZI

“Captain of my soul” 3D VINTAGE II, is a helmet as a tribute for one of the most important person of recent history, Nelson Mandela. Thanking his legacy which he has left in us. A helmet with the face of Mandela and as background the colors of the South African flag with 3D effect. With this helmet, we begin a series of tribute helmets to relevant people in History.

mandela facebook

3D Vintage II, the most desirable helmet… by its small size, its weight, lightness and its correct finishes. A jet that fits under the seat of almost all scooters on the market: Integra, Scoopy, Sixteen, Liberty, Cruiser, X-City and two units of Vespa GTS. With 7 types of screens available. In its technical specifications stand out the outer shell, manufactured thermoplastic resin, multi-density protective filling, micrometric quick closing, 3-D anti-scratch screen. ECE/UN R22.05. Price: 94,00.-euros (VAT included). Available in sizes from XXS to XL.

Manufactured in Spain.

casco mandela

Salom Casco Cuna

Luis Salom receives a helmet remembering his participation in “Cuna de Campeones”

The rider Luis Salom, who finished third in the 2013 Moto3™ World Championship, received on Monday from the hands of the general manager of Cheste Circuit, Gonzalo Gobert, and the head manager of “Cuna de Campeones”, Julián Miralles, a helmet of memory of its passage through “Cuna de Campeones”, with images of its origins.

Miralles Salom Gobert

Salom ran “Cuna de Campeones” between 2002 and 2004, three seasons in which continued his training as a rider before running in “Campeonato de España” and the Red Bull Rookies Cup, to finally stay in Moto3™ World Championship. Salom has done this year his best season with seven races won and next year he will be in Moto2.

activy salom